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3 bedrooms Guangzhou Apartments for rent with size over 300sqm

1 Properties found
¥ 26,000-36,000/month, 400sqm, 3brs
Favorview Palace Longxi Shan 汇景新城-龙熹山
Using international design concepts, this apartment efficiently maximizes space, giving the apartment an open feel. Each item of furnishing has been specially chosen to play against and enhance the color scheme. The apar...

Favorview Palace Longxi Shan 汇景新城-龙熹山

¥ 26,000-36,000/month
  • Size: 400 sqm
  • Bedrooms: 3 brs
  • Bathrooms: 2 baths
  • Area: Tian He
  • Property ID: A00040
  • Property type: Apartment


Most apartments in Guangzhou are concentrated Within the Fourth Ring Road, if you work in a CBD or urban center, I recommend the apartment for you.The apartment is well-designed, well-lit and well-equipped, even if you live at the top, you will feel the warmth from the sun and equipment in the winter. Choose your house and stay, enjoy what Guangzhou brings to you, starting with a high-quality apartment.
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