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Clifford Mansion 祈福华厦
Clifford Mansion 祈福华厦
Clifford Mansion 祈福华厦
Clifford Mansion 祈福华厦

Clifford Mansion

¥ 12,000-12,000/month
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Featured Description

Clifford Mansion is located in Yuexiu District, Living in Clifford Mansion, you can easily enjoy a private room and 24-hour customer service. It has a 100 area from 66 to 464 square meters of the river view apartments, residents can take shuttle bus to the city's major office buildings, railway stations, international schools and shopping centers.
Features & Facilities
  • 24-hour Management & Secunity Service
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Playground
  • SPA
  • Salon
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bakery


LAYOUT: 3 Bedrooms
SIZE: 250-250 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥12,000-12,000




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