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About Maxview Team


At Maxview Realty we employ only the best of the best. All of our consultants average 3-5 years of real estate experience (nearly twice the local average) and:


  •   Are highly experienced, meaning your company and staff will be in safe hands
  •   Save you money by negotiating fiercely with landlords
  •   Have extensive intelligence and knowledge of the local market
  •   Save time by being 100% committed to helping our clients settle in quickly
  •   Understand expat needs and communicate clearly with excellent English
  •   Have the support of advanced management tools and a professional team
  •   Understand corporate housing policies, anticipating your needs and saving you time and effort



Della li

Manager, Residential Services
As manager of residential services, Della has over five years’ real estate experience and is supported by his highly trained and professional team. As senior account manager, Della has successfully managed many of the largest corporate accounts in Beijing, giving him an excellent understanding of expat concerns and the relocation process.


Get in touch with Della now to make your expat relocations smoother, quicker and easier.
E-mail: Della.li@maxviewrealty.com
Phone: +86 (10) 5907 3022