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Guangzhou Apartment for rent

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The Lakefront   |   山水庭园

The Lakefront | 山水庭园

¥10000-15000/month, Property ID: BYD0002, Bai Yun

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3 bedrooms, 220sqm

The Lakefront is located in the north of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, national ecosystem environmental protection area- the Nahu National Tourism Resort. It is a truly high classical residential neighbo... Read more

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The Apex   |   领峰

The Apex | 领峰

¥30000/month, Property ID: THD0020, Tian He

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4 bedrooms, 250sqm

The Apex is one of luxury apartments compound in Pearl River New City CBD at present. This compound boasts its immaculate location and luxurious design. Situated in the Pearl River New City CBD, it i... Read more

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Starry Winking   |   星汇云锦

Starry Winking | 星汇云锦

¥8500up/month, Property ID: THD0021, Tian He

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1 bedrooms, 85sqm

Xing Hui Yun Jin is one of Guangzhou's newest high-class condominiums. Situated in the Pearl River Town with GuangZhou avenue things commercial axis junction, this luxury condominium ensures you an e... Read more

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Victory Garden   |   凯旋会

Victory Garden | 凯旋会

¥32000up/month, Property ID: YXD0008, Yue Xiu

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4 bedrooms, 296sqm

The Victory Garden (used to be called Caesars Palace) is one of the top standard apartment compounds in Guangzhou; it is famous for its wonderful river view. There are three buildings with different f... Read more

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Favorview Palace-Heywood Hill   |   汇景新城--龙熹山

Favorview Palace-Heywood Hill | 汇景新城--龙熹山

¥26000-36000/month, Property ID: THD0022, Tian He

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3 bedrooms, 400sqm

This big compound is surrounded by beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. It enjoys the permanent Eco- protection and natural scenery. It consists of a total of 122 units and 4 different layout ap... Read more

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